Integrating Buildings with the Smart Grid

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Welcome to Darnell's Fourth-Annual DC Building Power Asia
Call for Papers Deadline Extended

Please note: The location of DCBPA 2012 has been moved to Taipei, Taiwan. Specific venue and lodging information coming soon.

Darnell's fourth-annual DC Building Power Asia conference will attract an international audience to Shanghai to discuss high-voltage and low-voltage dc power distribution in buildings (including commercial and industrial buildings, data centers, telecommunications facilities, residences, and so on) and how those new dc-based power architectures will drive increased efficiency, improved sustainability and support the emerging Smart Grid. According to recent studies, the use of dc power can be ten-times more reliable and significantly more efficient compared with today's ac-powered buildings.

A convergence of technologies is occurring that will change how buildings are powered and how building energy use is managed. These technologies include distributed generation and storage resources; wireless building automation systems, demand-side management of building energy use by utilities; and more.

"We are excited about the expanded scope of this year's event," stated Jeff Shepard, President of Darnell Group. "We have an expanded Advisory Committee being co-chaired by Keiichi Hirose Senior Research Engineer of NTT Facilities, Hideo Miyazawa Executive Director of Fujitsu Component Limited and Dr. Pengju Kang, Director, GE (China) Global Research. And this year's event will feature a tour of a working DC MicroGrid lab at GE (China) Global Research," Shepard concluded.

DC Building Power Asia will consider a wide variety of inter-related power technologies including high-voltage and low-voltage dc distribution in buildings, hybrid ac and dc distribution architectures, dc micro grids, distributed energy storage, and the emerging smart grid.

DC Building Power Asia will serve the needs of a broad, international community of stake holders including:

DC Building Power Asia is a sister-event with Darnell's Green Building Power Forum. The Fifth-Annual Green Building Power Forum will be hosted January, 2013, in San Jose, California, USA.